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  • A certain class of multilayer networks behaves very similar to continuous space ... (only more interesting)
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    Many systems in science and technology can be described as multilayer networks, which are known to exhibit phenomena such as catastrophic failure cascades and pattern-forming instabilities. A particular class of multilayer networks describes systems where different interacting copies of a local ...

  • This was 8 years ago today ... (I like this wall. Its a great wall)
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  • Support Leicester Mathematics
    Some people seem to think that it is cool to admit that they are not good at maths. But University of Leicester Vice Chancellor Paul Boyle takes this to a new level by trying to destroy the Universities Maths department.

    Check out this link:
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    No to compulsory redundancies – No confidence in the vice-chancellor

  • Another accepted paper, and this was an interesting one. In a certain class of systems the approach proposed here enables us to analyze the dynamics of very large networks, and identify structures on all scales (!) that cause instability.
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    The central theme of complex systems research is understanding the emergent macroscopic properties of a system from the interplay of its microscopic constituents. Here, we ask what conditions a complex network of microscopic dynamical units has to meet to permit stationary macroscopic dynamics, ...

  • New paper: Network Inoculation
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    In epidemiological modelling, dynamics on networks, and in particular adaptive and heterogeneous networks have recently received much interest. Here we present a detailed analysis of a previously proposed model that combines heterogeneity in the individuals with adaptive rewiring of the network ...

  • FBI stops UPenn professor from writing dangerous differential equations on a plane. 
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    American Airlines says woman expressed suspicion about University of Pennsylvania economics professor, who was solving a differential equation

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