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  • 8 years ago today, I was at the Saporo Snow Festival
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  • Four years ago today I walked to Bath for the first time. Usually its a very nice walk, but on that day there was a little problem.
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  • Trump presidency as a graphic novel, from "Der Spiegel"
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  • So, whats just happened? Trump scored with the states and demographies that would have been classic Bernie voters. So, I guess lots of Bernie folks voted Trump. They were not proud of it, hence the opinion polling.

    The worst mistake now is to underestimate Trump. He won and partly against resistance from his own party. I think it is fair to say he can get things done. Not everything he will do will be bad, but some things could be very bad.

    I am particularly worried about climate change and the general state of the democracy. Trump can build on solid red in both houses and while they might try to stop him on other issues, they won't be much help with these two. Unless something very unexpected happens he will have a majority in the supreme court as well. This is perhaps most disconcerting.

    There is also opportunity: If he has the will, he might address some problems that no establishment candidate could ever fix: banks, guns, trade. Will he have the will? And can he be stopped from screwing up the climate/economy/democracy/world in a big way? Its now on the american people. Sorry guys, you brought it on yourself, get your cardboard signs ready, you will need them.

  • Save Happisburgh

    I'm writing this post and I don't even know where to begin but I can tell you that I am determined to not let this beautiful village be abandoned by the government.

    I live in Happisburgh on the Norfolk coast in the UK and the coastal erosion rate is high and it's incredibly sad to see the ongoing lack of investment due to the 'risk' we won't be here in maybe 40 years time.

    We have been promised time and time again that something will be done, only to be let down by those making the promises.

    Today, I am not asking for much. Today I am asking for your support to push this for debate in parliament and all I need is for support on this petition
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    The surge of December 2013 resulted in devastation and suffering for all the communities of Walcott, Bacton & Happisburgh. Many losses were catastrophic.Walcott and Bacton have been flooded twice, now, in seven years.

  • Our new paper on signature stability criteria has appeared in the European Journal for Applied Mathematics
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    The central theme of complex systems research is to understand the emergent macroscopic properties of a system from the interplay of its microscopic constituents. The emergence of macroscopic properties is often intimately related to the structure of the microscopic interactions.

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